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by Everaldo Gallimore

Virtually a renaissance man, Bruce Hawkins is a writer, actor and illustrator of great notoriety. After a challenging time in his life, he decided to publish his illustrations and make them available to the public.

To get maximum exposure, Bruce chose an online gallery so that he could have an e-commerce site to sell his water colors and conti crayon prints.

As an fashionable artist, Bruce had strong ideas about the colors and style he wanted for the site. Given that Bruce was displaying fine art, his artwork needed to be presented in 2 forms: one for the gallery selection pages and the other in pop-up detail for quality viewing.

Additionally it was important to create space for Bruce to tell his story about the art and provide acknowledgments about the people who supported and influenced his art.

Create a total branding package for BHA included: logo, business card, stationary, a certificate of authentication and a website. The online gallery was designed and formatted in a way that allows room for display of additional prints for additional pages and unlimited expansion .The e-commerce capability was achieved by using PayPal for credit card processing.

The branding
Since the images was very important to the artist, we sought to maximize the color photos throughout the site to keep users engaged. Along with the information needed for the site, full color images were used to support the navigate and searches users would need at the site. Online and off line collateral were created so that there was consistency in look and feel.

The branding results:

We are monitoring user activity since the launch of

Projections include a minimum 20% increase in sales as well as a 50% increase in new contacts.

Additional branding elements such as online ad banners with print support will help drive customers to the site.

Working with Everaldo was easy. I loved seeing my online gallery and more importantly knowing that my work could be seen and sold worldwide.
Bruce Hawkins, Artist,

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