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Branding 101: What Is a Logo
by Everaldo Gallimore

What is a Logo
A logo is a pictograph used as a mark or seal that illustrates the intention or culture of a corporation service or product.
It can be the symbol of a corporation, an icon of an ideology
or a group's philosophy. Logos help companies communicate their image and make it easier to gain buyer recognition.

What the logo is not
The logo is not answer to all of your brand image. It is important as the beginning of your branding effort.

What is a logo related to brand.
The brand is a powerful visual language used to support your communication with your consumer. The goal of the brand is to create a lasting impression that results in a consumer bond and creates loyal customers.

Logos are the basic building block in branding efforts
The logo is the visual tool that supports the brand. It is the graphic "link" to the message that your brand promises and communicates and the relationship you can develop between your brand and your customers.

Logos can have different forms
Most logos are well balanced and combine both graphics and the fonts. Clean unique graphics draw attention and create an immediate impression, while the properly designed company name makes the logo recognizable and memorable.

Logos that exclusively use graphics are easily noticeable as strong icons, which is another great foundation for building a strong brand. There is a strong association between the symbol and your company. The symbol and your companies name can be immediately recognized, no matter whether they are used together or not.

Many of the largest corporations like Nike, McDonalds, Apple Computer or Mercedes-Benz use graphical logos.

A logotype exclusively uses text and fonts
as the primary elements that draw attention, so graphics are not included. A unique font combined with the right colors and sharp-looking effects can create a high-impact design.

Many "Fortune 500" corporations, such as Sony, Xerox, Coca-Cola, IBM or Amazon use logotypes.

Why should you care
Because you can't afford not to. If your logo is not right for your target market your branding effort will be weak resulting in lost consumer connections and lost revenue.

It is important to consider how your logo will look in relation to the collateral and other marketing material that the logo will be placed on (business card, stationary, advertisements, etc). If a logo is too detailed, it will not reproduce well.

What should you do now?
Get expert advice: Consult a Creative Director, Brand Designer Art Director, Brand Manager or a Business Coach.

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