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Creating Brand Value
by Everaldo Gallimore

Can you place a dollar value on your company’s brand? You can certainly try.

Companies are using brand values as tools to obtain financing, price on licensing deals, evaluate mergers and acquisitions, assess damages in litigation cases, and justify the prices of their stock.

There’s an old saying in business, “what gets measured gets done”. As brands become more measurable, companies are focusing on ways to increase their value.

Here are a few tips on leveraging your brand.

Create trust:

Use design to encourage trust. The sense we rely on mostly is sight. Have a graphic designer develop a favorable relationship to your customer.

Use positioning:

Try strategic marketing to position your brand. Start by planning your creative initiatives from where it counts most, at the point of contact with your customer.

Try planning:

Plan your branding initiatives like you would your financial future. That means going forward with what you can afford to do now.

Bridge the gap between strategy and creativity.
For most business branding happens while were doing something else. But what if you could measure it, study it and manage it rather than just let it happen?

While the above tips represent an investment in time, money and study, they’re a side effect of caring more about sales, service, quality marketing and other things that occupy a business.

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