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Stand By Your Brand
by Everaldo Gallimore

Is your brand outstanding or standing alone where no one sees or knows what your company does?

What is branding? And why does it matter to your company? Branding is creating recognition for your products and services through audio, visual and other multimedia.

Entrepreneurs often struggle with the age old question: "Should I do a brochure, business card, flyer? What kind of logo do I need? What colors are important to my business image?" All of these decisions are part of something bigger --- branding.

Branding is more than a logo or a slogan. Branding involves the placement of your logo and how your logo is used on all of your media and signage· Branding Is not just "art applied to a business topic". Branding supports your image and helps you express your vision and mission. Branding helps you establish and communicate the culture and image of your company

Examples of successful brand include: Mc Donalds (more than just hamburgers), Starbucks (more than just coffee) and H&R Block (more than getting you a tax refund).

Why does branding matter? Here are situations where branding might matter to you as an entrepreneur.

  1. If you want your business to be remembered when your service is needed
  2. You want repeat customers
  3. You want to grow your business
  4. You want a leadership role in your business industry (set trends)
  5. Your want your business name to mean something in the community

Here's what happens if you think branding doesn't matter and you don't take a stand or stand by your brand.

  1. You will lose your focus on everything relating to your business
  2. Your employees will bring in their own idea of what your brand is
  3. Your customers will bring in their own idea of what your brand is

Take a few moments and answer these questions for yourself.

  1. What is your brand?
  2. What does it stand for?
  3. When you started your business, what inspired you?
  4. What do you want people to think about you?
  5. How do your services or products differ from your competition?
  6. What do you stand for?
  7. When you started your business, what did you want people to do?

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