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Brand New or Brand Not
by Everaldo Gallimore

In the course of starting a new business
, the need for
brand representation and graphic resources can get pushed to the background to make way for such new business necessities like office furniture, computer equipment, phones, educational resources, etc.

The need for marketing materials, such as web and print collateral, and the temptation to have them without cost leads entrepreneurs to go it alone using wysiwyg programs.

Some "lone wolf" entrepreneurs
don't even bother to use a symbol or logo. For their identification, they opt instead to use a conservative typeface on a self-created photo to represent their company.

If you have the talent
to do it yourself and feel you can represent your company well in a visually competitive market, then by all means, go for it.

But consider
that marketing-on-the-fly is a gamble because
it is hit or miss in terms of what works. By not having a consistent brand image and identity, you may mis-communicate your message or not attract the consumer
that is looking to select your product or service.

As a new business, it is important to create a marketing and branding plan that is well designed and organized. Otherwise, you can set yourself up for a longer branding cycle which means that time is wasted and opportunities to form important brand relationships with your customers are missed.

Avoid the mistakes of making your brand "not" by consulting with a graphics design and marketing professional who can save you valuable time and money and help you reach your sales goals.

When you and your brand are "new", here is what you
need to consider in hiring a professional brand designer or marketing consultant. Most professionals provide a complimentary initial meeting to get to know you.

1. Their training in design and marketing

2. Their experience with customers like yourself, your
competition and businesses who have moved to the next

3. Their understanding of your business and industry so that they can provide appropriate perspective and guidance.

4. Their interest and understanding of your needs, goals, timeframe and budget.

5. Their ability to deliver on time and in budget based on your contract.

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