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Design Myths
by Everaldo Gallimore

Maybe people are not paying attention to your marketing materials, because they do not understand what you do or what products and services you provide.

Perhaps the myths of design negatively influenced your current business communications.

Learn how to overcome 4 design myths. Take the time to
get your branding and marketing materials back on track.

Myth #1: You have to say everything in 1 document

Mistake Based on the Myth
List everything
Lots of text, lots of images

Hard to read
People get bored, frustrated, ignore


Focus on 1 idea vs a lot of ideas
Keep it simple and clear
Make it easy to read
Use headlines
Use short sentences and paragraphs

Myth #2: You have to repeat everything

Mistake Based on the Myth
All of your collateral has the same information
Information is repeated within collateral

People get frustrated, ignore you

If it is simple and clear, people get it
Use different collateral for different purposes
Make different points

Myth #3: Strong color is taboo
Mistake Based on the Myth
Avoid red or black or bright pinks

Look boring
Look like everyone else


Color is your friend
Color matters and has meaning
Do your color research
Be consistent with your business concept
Work with a graphic designer

Myth #4: White space is bad

Mistake Based on the Myth
Use a lot of images and content
You paid for the space, so you use it

Hard to read, cluttered
Hard to know what to focus on
People get bored, frustrated, ignore
White space or empty space is good
Space is a design element
Work with a graphic designer
Think about how overcoming these myths can help you support your image and be more effective in your branding.

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